Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Wheel of Fortune. The Magician. The World.

The Wheel of Fortune
There is so much past here, so much that has come before, so many unspoken thoughts and feelings. Chance and Fate have intervened to change my course drastically yet again.  I have grown in the last 4 years beyond what I ever imagined was possible, and I think beyond what others imagined possible of me as well.  Perhaps it has made them uncomfortable.  It has made me feel caged in their expectations and beliefs, unable to be what I know I can be. 

The Magician
I am a powerful woman now - the strength I need is within, not without.  I am not afraid of this change, and I am fully capable of handling what is to come.

The World
I have changed my circumstances, I have shed what is dragging me down and I have embraced my own abilities.  I have created my own happiness, despite all the difficulties I have encountered.  No one else has the power to make me unhappy.  I see clearly what I desire, and I acknowledge what is and is not a part of that world.

And with this contemplation, I include this mantra...

"With these cards and with this spell,
I summon powers of resilience and renewal.
I summon powers from within,
    and powers from without.
I summon the power to help me face the world as it is,
    and as it must of necessity be in the future.
I summon the power to help me make my own happiness
     in spite of a new and difficult situation.
There is peace.
There is healing.
There is new understanding.
This do I will!
So will it be!"
~"Tarot Spells" by Janina Renee

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