Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I've been a sewing fiend lately..

 I've been working  mostly on commission projects lately, so I haven't had much time to work on developing ElementalWear.  But the commission work is definitely helping me get practice in, as well as helping me develop the style that ElementalWear will start out as.  Here is the costume I made for Aither.  I unfortunately don't have pics of the other commissions yet, but I will post as soon as do.

This last week, my major focus has been on new RenFaire costumes for Cyricx and I to perform in for Tricks of the Light shows.
Concept Sketches:
Cyricx's concept was a bit more set and definite from the get-go.  I wasn't so positive on what I wanted mine to be, mostly because I have had so many problems with costumes. The last top that I wore, which was based on bellydance-style bra, worked really well until I began fire hooping and playing with a long-string levitation stick.  The hoop broke off all the beads and decorations that were attached, and the long-string levitation stick got caught up and tangled around the few decorations that were left.  So in designing a new top, I want it to be able to look good and finished without tons of decorative bits.  And while I love the feminine look of a swishy skirt, anything long and flowing is problematic while spinning.  Hence the pants with swooshy ruffles only along the very bottom.  The ruffle belt is to replace a tribal belt, since tribal belts that use tassels are HIGHLY flammable.

Concept art for my costume
  Some process pics of Cyricx's vest:

Sleeve and hood pieces
The base layer and lining of the vest.
The sleeve (brown) mostly assembled, with the assembled lining (green).
The outer shell of the vest, assembled with applique and trim.  You can see the zippers that will be hiding under the shoulder flaps, as well as inside the collar, for zip-on sleeves and hood.