Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turtle Invasion!

I totally can't complain about all the commission work that I've been getting (which you can see on my portfolio website), but there are times that I really get tired of sewing for 12 hours a day and need to step away for a minute.  And I've discovered a great way to handle feeling idea-blocked - graffiti my own walls!

We recently moved into a rehab house, which, thanks to all the b.s. that slammed us right after we bought it, we haven't yet been able to fix up like we were planning.  The good news about that is, I don't feel bad about painting on the walls, floor, whatever - because it's all going to get covered up or repainted anyways! It ends up being a great satisfaction of doing exactly what my mother always told me not to do when I was a kid!

This has meant an invasion of mini-turtles...

these make me smile every time I sit down to sew
Turtles lead the path through the kitchen!

I justify these because I eventually want the kitchen to be accented in blue-greens.  I'm just color-testing, see?

Oh yes, and the dream catcher based print I developed for stenciling onto clothing.

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